Alex is based in the countryside just south of Edinburgh in Scotland. He developed his first roll of film when he was about 10 years old and has been interested in photography ever since. Since retiring from his job in IT he decided to concentrate on photography, partially to get himself out from behind a computer. But of course he now spends far too much time back on the computer working on his photographs.
His rural location and love of the countryside is reflected in his photography. He prefers to work alone, leaving his family and even his dogs behind. Wandering off at tangents or sitting waiting for the right light for hours does not make for a good travelling companion. In fact, you'll rarely see any people in his current work. This is changing though. He is currently researching a project involving people in their workplace, doing work that we never see and generally take for granted. Alex has also recently developed a passion for photographing around the coasts of Scotland, particularly along the Firth of Forth.
Alex does not see himself as a documentary photographer. Rather, he tries to express his mood and emotions at the time through his photographs. The images on this site have mainly been taken in the past year along with a few old favourites from his rather extensive archive. They are a result of his personal view of the world.
Alex's photographs have featured in several publications and he has received several awards. Over the past few years he has also worked on a voluntary basis for a number of charities and voluntary organisations. None of his commercial work is shown here. He has covered events ranging from car rallies and marathons through to weddings and even funerals, and also supplied work to individuals, families and businesses.
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